Tamara Henry, MA

PhD in Television About News People

Television Producer Resume (310) 399-2064


2012 News Anchor/Reporter reel:  















64th Annual Los Angeles Area Emmy® Nomination from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. 
Press Release:  http://www.prlog.org/11925737-car-free-news-personality-anchors-metro-motion-tv-show-which-receives-la-area-emmy-nomination.html 
Emmy Photos: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151040229403159.440781.562863158&type=3&l=b4ae8a4c26
Emmy Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pU8Wdwy1KjQ 



Tamara Henry is the anchor of Metro Motion which received a 64th Annual Los Angeles Area Emmy® Nomination from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. 

Tamara Henry, MA is currently anchoring, reporting and hosting multiple shows in Los Angeles for TV and web. Tamara is a Former Top-Five Fox Affiliate news anchor who earned the KARK NBC Roy Mitchell Memorial Broadcast Journalism Award in 1995. (Roy Mitchell was a reporter at KABC Los Angeles from 1959 - 1970 before he moved to KARK - NBC in Little Rock.) Henry now works on the air in Los Angeles, and her newest venture began in January of 2009: GreenTwithTamara.TV which won Best Hosted Interview Show 2010 after helping the 2010 Miss America contestants go Green & Gorgeous with her interactive eco-contest. Now her webisodes are up for a 2012 Gracie Award. You can see her on FoxNews.com interviewing celebrities on the red carpet on Oscar night.






T E L E V I S I O N    E X P E R I E N C E

Santa Monica City TV - Anchor, Reporter, Segment Producer Los Angeles Feb 2005 - Present

2012 news reel:  
2005-2007 news reel:

* "Metro Motion" airs daily on Channel 16 in Santa Monica, and many other cable TV outlets throughout the greater Los Angeles area... local news programming about public transportation and the environment

* "Santa Monica Update" airs daily in Santa Monica at 9am, noon, 6pm and 10:30pm

* Tamara conducts live on-the-set interviews on issues that affect our community’s health and well being

* Both shows air once a week on KXLA all over Los Angeles

* Reporter/Host for Santa Monica/Malibu School District video for Award Winning Farmers’ Market Organic School Lunch Program http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_eP_IppJ3E




Time Warner Cable - Creator, Talk Show Host, Producer Los Angeles July 2006 - Jan 2009


* "IN" with Tamara Henry airs monthly at 8pm on Sunday nights on Channel 43 in Beverly Hills, Channel 77 in Santa Monica and Channel 98 everywhere else 




FoxNews.com - Red Carpet Host for Night of 100 Stars on Oscar night, 2005 - Present




Vanilla Fire Productions - Producer & VP of Social Media  Los Angeles June 2007 - Present  

www.VanillaFire.com/Tamara-Henry FILM PRODUCER'S BIO and VIDEOS

* 2012 Oscar Shortlist for 85th Academy Awards for the documentary Until They Are Home

* 2010 Oscar Shortlist for 83rd Academy Awards for the documentary Unbeaten

* Unbeaten was named by TIME magaszine one of the Top 10 Olympic Films of all time

* Inspirational documentary film for Beijing Paralympics narrated by Dan Aykroyd www. UnbeatenTheMovie .com

* Return to Tarawa, Producer, cleanup WWII battlefield, film narrated by Ed Harris www. ReturntoTarawa .com 

* Until They Are Home, Producer, narrated by Kelsey Grammer  

* Co-Creator, Visionary, Shooting, Publicity, Marketing, Writer, Webmaster, DVD Packaging, Pitching A-List Celebrities, inspirational and environmental content





Beverly Hills TV - Anchor, Reporter, Segment Producer Los Angeles March 2006 - Present http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEt2IfQYNIM

* "Beverly Hills In Focus" News Magazine airs week-nights at 6:30pm and 11pm on Channel 10 (on hiatus)





KMPH FOX 26 - Anchor, Reporter, Health/Medical Producer Fresno Dec 1999 - April 2001 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lc1Qc7WtFbc

* Weekend news anchor for top five Fox affiliate in the nation

* Health/Medical producing and reporting

* Produced and anchored the nightly "Health Matters" segment of the weeknight news

* DVC Pro digital editing

* Series pieces, live shots, radio reports.

* Co-hosted the "Visalia to Los Angeles Vintage Motorsports Festival" (last item on the DVD)

* Co-hosted the MDA Labor Day Telethon




KWBF WB - Anchor, Reporter, Health/Medical Producer Little Rock Sept 1997 - Nov 1999 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2bZJxU_3-Q

* Currently fill-in producer, solo-anchor for Equity, the 9th largest broadcasting company in the nation (new tape 2006) General Manager: Neal Ardman (501) 219-2400 News Director: Doug Krile doug.krile@gmail.com

* Main week-night anchor for 2 ½ years.

* Produced the doctor’s weekly "Good Health Report"

* Co-hosted the MDA Labor Day Telethon on Fox KLRT




KTHV CBS - Assistant Producer Little Rock Jan 1996 - June 1996

* Launched new hour-and-a-half morning news show, produced, ran prompter, kept the morning coffee hot!

* Produced video bumps in the field with a photographer.




Arkansas Times Newspaper - Editorial Assistant Little Rock Jan 1995 - July 1995

* Handled/wrote the entire entertainment section of the paper.

* Wrote a revealing cover story June 30, 1995 on "behind the scenes" at the Miss Arkansas Pageant. www missarkansas.actorsite com http://missarkansas.mysite.com/photo2.html




Marketing Solutions and The Agency, Inc. - Broadcast Commercial Spokesperson/Talent Jan 1990 - Dec 1997




* Documentary Producer on 2012 Oscar List for 85th Academy Awards in Two Music Categories  

* Anchor of "Metro Motion" which received a 64th Los Angeles Area Emmy® Nomination  

* GreenTwithTamara.TV won Outstanding Travel, Talk & Lifestyle Show for LA Web Fest 2011

* Documentary Producer on 2010 Oscar Shortlist for 83rd Academy Awards in Music Category 

* GreenTwithTamara.TV voted "Best Hosted Interview Show" at the StayTunedTV.net 2010 Awards hosted by Todd Bridges

* AWM American Women in Media (formerly AWRT) Member, Present  

* The Association of Health Care Journalists, Associate Member, Present 

* META (formerly) ISEE Institute for Synergy in Enlightened Entertainment, Los Angeles board member/writer, Present, www isee-worldwide org

* HSUS Humane Society of the United States, Member

* University of Santa Monica, Masters Degree in Psychology and Health August 2005

* Miss Arkansas USA 1997 

* University of Little Rock, Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism, minor in Biology/Health Education June 1996* KARK NBC Roy Mitchell Memorial Broadcast Journalism Award from reporter who was at KABC Los Angeles from 1959-1970

* The National Broadcasting Society - Alpha Epsilon Rho

* Society of Professional Journalists

* Alpha Epsilon Delta -- Pre-Med Honor Society

* Chancellor’s Leadership Academic Scholarship

* Fruit of the Loom "Quality of Life" Community Service Award

* Creator of Award Winning "Promoting Health through Whole Person Wellness"





V O L U N T E E R   E X P E R I E N C E

* Time Warner, now producing and hosting a television show she created called "IN" with Tamara Henry which airs in 300,000 homes in Los Angeles, Bevelry Hills and Santa Monica

* VeniceBeach.TV grassroots movement to unite entertainment professionals founder, secretary

* Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon since 1997, now volunteering at national headquarters at KCET in Hollywood * APTRA Anchor Academy in Malibu by FOX’s Hal Eisner volunteer 2006

* "The Tamara Henry Broadcast Journalism Award" given every year since 1997

* Created award-winning motivational speaking community service program "Promoting Health through Whole Person Wellness"





February 2005 - Present

Tamara is currently anchoring, reporting and segment producing for two shows in the Number Two television market in the Nation:

"Santa Monica Update" 1:15 packages

(2012 news reel) 

(2005-2007 news reel)   

"Metro Motion" 2:15 packages http://www.metro.net/news/metro-motion/

2014 SMU SMMoA Bike Tour 
2014 SMU City Wide Yard Sale
2014 SMU Library Card Push
2014 SMU 437 National Night Out Against Crime PKG
2014 SMU 436 Anchor - august 
2014 MM 45 - Fall  
2014 SMU 435 Anchor - july
2014 SMU 435 Tongva Park  
2014 SMU 434 Anchor - july
2014 SMU 434 4th of July Parade 
2014 SMU 434 Twilight Concerts PKG 
2014 SMU 433 Anchor - june
2014 SMU 433 Pico Library Opening PKG
2014 SMU 432 Poster Contest PKG
2014 SMU 432 Paddle Board Race PKG 
2014 SMU 431 Memorial Day Wall PKG 
2014 SMU 431 Anchor - june
2014  MM 44  Summer  
2014 SMU 430 Barnum Hall/Charlie Chaplin PKG
2014 SMU 429 Beach House PKG
2014 SMU 428 Anchor - april
2014 SMU 427 Anchor
2014 SMU 427 Shotgun House PKG 
2014 SMU 426 Kate Vernez PKG
2014 SMU 426 Melon turtleneck Anchor 
2014 SMU 425 Yellow Suit Anchor - dvd requeested 
2014 SMU 245 OWL PKG 
2014 SMU 425 Pier PKG 
2014 SMU 424 SMMoA PKG 
2014 SMU 423 Bowl-A-Thon PKG  
2014 SMU 423 Anchor purple
2014 SMU 422 Aquarium PKG
2014 SMU 422 MLK Day PKG 
2013 MM 42 Nov
2013 SMU 420 Anchor  
2013 SMU 419 Shelter Animals 
2013 SMU 418 Ken Genser Square
2013 SMU 417 18th Success Breakfast
2013 SMU 416 ANCHOR retro
2013 SMU 414 Landscaping/Gardening Classes 
2013 SMU 413 ANCHOR denim
2013 SMU 413 SMFD Medic Bikes
2013 SMU 412 ANCHOR
2013 SMU 412 Summer Reading Books
2013 MM 41 Fall
2013 MM Diane Dubois Interview 
2013 SMU 410 ANCHOR
2013 SMU 410 Universally Accessible Playground http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tdiExHAX0k 
2013 SMU 409 ANCHOR
2013 SMU 409 Twilight Concert Series 
2013 SMU 407 YELLOW ANCHOR - requested DVD
2013 SMU 407 DISABILITIES POSTER - requested DVD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5p5C3dc1Mno
2013 SMU 405 ANCHOR
2013 SMU 404 ANCHOR
2013 MM 38 Spring  
2013 SMU 402 ANCHOR  
2013 SMU 401 ANCHOR   
2013 SMU 399 YWCA 
2013 SMU 398 ANCHOR
2013 SMU 398 BOWL-A-THON 
2013 SMU 395 ANCHOR

December 6, 2012 SMU 394 Anchor + Paradise from Hell Pkg

November 28, 2012 MM38 and MM Best of 2012

November 8, 2012 SMU 393 ICE Opening Day Ice Skating Rink

October 12, 2012 SMU 392 Success Breakfast 

October 29, 2012 SMU 391 Disabilities Poster Contest 

SMU 390 Carmageddon II - Stay Local http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ3kseN4ebw 

October 1, 2012 SMU 389 Anchor - taupe 

September 24, 2012 Metro Motion 37 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHK-qn6uNQI

September 14, 2012 SMU 388 Carmageddon II & EOC 

September 3, 2012 SMU 387 ANCHOR (creme) & Kids with Cameras PKG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va3G3381Ae0

August 2012, SMU 386 ANCHOR (hot pink) & Pico Library GroundBreaking report http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HG-djV8uC5g

July 21, 2012 SMU 385 10th Anniversary Swim Center former Olympicans and Olympic Hopefuls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxqTVyIe9qs

July 18, 2012 SMU 384 Anchor black http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlcWRzOutxI&feature=youtu.be

July 6, 2012 Metro Motion 36 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmEkofa7h0Q

July 3, 2012 SMU 383 NEWS ANCHOR denim & PaddleBoard Races http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVxgqf3USDA&feature=plcp

June 20, 2012 SMU 382 NEWS ANCHOR purple http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5ciJ-XBLfk&feature=plcp

June 2012 SMU 381 Arts:Earth  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8A2uZgh1F8&feature=plcp

May 2012 SMU 380 NEWS ANCHOR blue & Santa Monica Festival http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BOP6yJf_ik&feature=plcp

April 30, 2012 SMU 378 NEWS ANCHOR yellow & Heal the Bay Earth Day  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6PaTBIBOHY&feature=youtu.be

April 16, 2012 SMU 377 NEWS ANCHOR coral http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZNFan0u6Ng

April 4, 2012 MM 35 Black Jacket with Yellow  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceHzsc1UKFA&feature=youtu.be

April 2, 2012 SMU 376 Airport Art Walk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crA8bSCBEow

February 2012 SMU 373 Upward Bound House  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vq4LFIZHPOA&feature=plcp

January 24 2012 SMU 371 Marion Davies  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2HZn2vW6Fg&feature=youtu.be

December 2011 SMU 370 OEM Office of Emergency Management http://youtu.be/hmhFXuh4ZkU

December 2011 SMU 369  Petanque http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgPxGE7TpMw&feature=youtu.be

November 30, 2011 SMU 368 Bike Center Opening  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4NFPXVuDf4&feature=youtu.be

Nov 14-28 2011 SMU 367 ANCHOR http://youtu.be/hi_cAd5Q1pY

Winter 2011 MM 34 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64V58NmFCIk 

November 2011 SMU 366 Standup Paddleboarding http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM3KT9NoiSM

October 2011 SMU 364 Bike Center Construction http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/1/jhhnFVW_Jbc

July 27, 2011 SMU 359 PAL Swim http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u01cJ8imXFs

Fall 2011 MM 33 http://www.youtube.com/user/losangelesmetro#p/u/13/jXPsGweLcT0 

July 12, 2011 SMU 358 Mobile Home Park Goes Green http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/12/AFbz-Ehtrrw

Summer 2011 MM 32 http://www.youtube.com/user/losangelesmetro#p/search/21/q80ahYgn2e4

May 16, 2011 SMU 354 Arbor Day http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/23/pZJ4R_zN35c

May 2, 2011 SMU 353 Adult Sports: Volleyball http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/30/DTRN3khsRtk

Spring 2011 MM 31 http://www.youtube.com/user/losangelesmetro#p/search/1/iQNL21kdon8

March 28, 2011 SMU 350 Unity Fest - Mind/Body/Spirit http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/33/u3tMY5Ld1N0

March 1, 2011 SMU 348 Bowling II http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/34/nA6zQVQlZhk

January 31, 2011 SMU 346 Fireside at the Miles http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/48/EDPxCRIwYE8

January 9, 2011 SMU 345 Boys & Girls Club with LeBron James http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/51/rLz2TF9xKV4

Winter 2010 MM 30 http://www.youtube.com/user/losangelesmetro#p/search/5/S4jlzK05Olg

December 13, 2010 SMU 344 Ice Skating II  http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/52/HaRvhkiZedY

November 30, 2010 SMU 343 Earth Quake Drill  http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/38/zoiKHZsfydg

November 15, 2010 SMU 342 Seniors http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/60/ZNiC1Tmqmpw

Novermber 1, 2010 SMU 341 Banned Books http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/56/ktb2mPRBo6M

October 2010 SMU 340 Santa Monica Library http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/62/xKUqx-HEl4c

August 11, 2010 MM 29 FALL   http://www.youtube.com/user/losangelesmetro#p/search/0/vU26faQLcNQ

August 9, 2010 SMU 335 ROSIESGIRLS  http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/67/fr11tjdgA0Y

May 19, 2010 MM 28 SUMMER  http://www.youtube.com/user/losangelesmetro#p/u/7/9_kNj34U93o

May 2010 SMU 328 DINOSAUR  http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/3/eqe8Y4ksBd4 

Feb 18, 2010 MM 27  http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/1/o-GOG_5sqbs

Feb 7, 2010 SMU 323 BOWL http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/18/xo4TV_YxnNw

Feb 3, 2010 SMU 322 BBB http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKxVzvV0Vj8

Jan 20, 2010 SMU 321 MLK http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/19/JGxebrM1oJo

Jan 6, 2010 SMU 320 Census http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InfGCiFYKto

Dec 15, 2009 MM 26 

Nov 15, 2009 MM 26 PKG Orange Line Opening Celebration http://www.youtube.com/tvstarfish#p/u/1/o-GOG_5sqbs

Oct 22, 2009 MM 26  Interview of Diane Dubois

Oct 27, 2009 SMU 316 Ice Sculpture http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke-MPT9ptXE

Oct 17, 2009 SMU 316/317 reporting on the Pico Art Walk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-9t26KwB88

Oct 3, 2009 SMU 315 reporting on GPSL Green Prize Awards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe8h51FzkMk

Sept 9, 2009 SMU 313 reporting on the 100th Anniversary of the Santa Monica Pier http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ys74FrMuRU

August 12, 2009 MM 25

August 5, 2009 SMU 310 reporting on Camp Santa Monica "Together Forever" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-yv84Ri_dE

July 29, 2009 MM Interview of Mark Ridley-Thomas

June 29, 2009 SMU 307 reporting on WATER CRISIS

June 15, 2009 SMU 306 reporting on ART for CLARE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEqjwS065BU

June 1, 2009 SMU 305 reporting on Cirque du Soleil and also on Cinco de Mayo http://www.youtube.com/user/TVStarfish#p/a/u/0/ZjQTnAKp05Y

May 28, 2009 MM 24

May 1, 2009 MM Art Leahy Interview

May 1, 2009 SMU 304 reporting on Annerberg Community Beach House http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DGtVUdnNgc

April 6, 2009 SMU 302 reporting on Octopus - Aquarium  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vWV5YmovOM

March 23, 2009 SMU 301 reporting on Emergency Pet  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKMfhJvsMdA

Feb 11, 2009 MM23 with Joe McDonald  

Feb 9th, 2009 SMU 298 reporting on Roosevelt Garden  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOy0Ms68Yok

November 5, 2008 MM22 with Joe McDonald plus interview + interview with Roger Snoble 

July 16, 2008 MM21 black with Joe McDonald

April 16, 2008 MM20 black/purple with Joe McDonald http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fQy0y30QiE
interview with Michael Katz

January 16, 2008 MM19 creme plaid with Joe McDonald
interview with David fleming 

October 25, 2007 MM18 black with Joe McDonald
interview with Don Knabe

August 2, 2007 MM17 floral with Joe McDonald
interview with Pam O`Conner
on global Warming

July 12, 2007 SMU 259 navy with Joe McDonald

June 14, 2007 SMU 257 demim with Joe McDonald
on-set interview with Sojourn

May 31st, 2007 SMU 256 creme lace with Kena
no interview

April 12th, 2007 MM 16 red boucle with Joe MacDonald

April 5, 2007 SMU 252 red boucle with Kena
on-set interview with
Connections for Kids

March 22, 2007 SMU 251 silver/gray with Joe MacDonald
on-set with new Cultural Plan for
Artists and Entertainers

March 8, 2007 SMU 250 sky blue/black with Joe MacDonald

Feb 22, 2007 SMU 249 with Kena
Interview with Peter Krietler of Earth Talk Today http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTQ0HDZq4SE

Feb 8, 2007 SMU 248 with Kena
On Set Interview with "CREST"
Yin Yoon Community Services
Day Camps for Students

Jan 25, 2007 SMU 247 with Kena  

Jan 11, 2007 SMU 246
Anchor PKG on new Chief of Police
On Set Interview with

Dec 14, 2006 SMU 245
Anchor PKG on Outdoor Smoking Ban
On Set Interview with Edwina Lewis
Adoption and Foster Care

Dec 7, 2006 MM 15

Nov 30, 2006 SMU 244
on set interview with Marvi Valcourt
with WinterLit on the Promenade

November 16, 2006 SMU 243
on set interview with Allison Best
SM Convention & Visitors Bureau

November 2, 2006 SMU 242
on set interview with Time Warner
Patti Rockenwagner VP

October 19, 2006 SMU 241
on-set interview with

October 5, 2006 SMU 240
on-set interview with Voter Registation

September 21, 2006 SMU 239
on set interview with "Artist at Work"
Festival Randy Ball

September 7, 2006 SMU 238
with anchor Hillary Lambert
on-set interview with
homeless/recovery success story

August 24, 2006 SMU 237
on set interview with "Community Voices"
Robin Davidson

August 10, 2006 SMU 236
on set interview with PAL

August 3, 2006 MM
July 18, 2006 MM Special Report: Carpooling

July 13, 2006 SMU 234
on set interview with Susan Annett
Santa Monica Public Library

June 29, 2006 SMU 233
on set interview with Mary of 211 LA

June 15, 2006 SMU 232
on set interview with Ben Franz-Knight
with the Twilight Dance Series

June 1, 2006 SMU231
on set interview with Nicholas Vrateras of
The Clare Foundation

May 18, 2006 SMU 230
on set interview with School On Wheels

May 4, 2006 SMU 229
on-set interview with Red Cross "I`ve Got 7"

Apr 27, 2006 MM
MM Transit Villages Special Report

Apr 20, 2006 SMU 228
Ben McCain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKvPWSmI7e0

Apr 6, 2006 SMU 227
on-set interview with Santa Monica Festival`s
Hamp Simmons

Mar 23, 2006 226
on-set interview with Chrysalis
President & CEO Adlai Wertman

Mar 9, 2006 SMU 225
on-set interview with Karen Kaye of
"Connections for Children" reading program

Feb 2, 2006 MM

Jan 31, 2006 MM12 Getty Malibu

Jan 26, 2006 SMU

Jan 16, 2006 SMU221
Jamie Lee Curtis

Nov 13, 2005 MM

Nov 13, 2005 MM

Oct 20, 2005 SMU

August 5, 2005 MM

July 28, 2005 SMU

July 21, 2005 MM

June 30, 2005 SMU

June 2, 2005 SMU

May 19, 2005 SMU
on the set interview with Chamber Member
about mentoring for youth

May 5, 2005 SMU

April 7, 2005 SMU

March 10, 2005 SMU





2005 - Present 

oxNews.com - Red Carpet Host for Night of 100 Stars on Oscar night, 2005 - Present







30 half-hour shows have been produced and aired in 300,000 homes in Los Angeles. http://tamarahenry.mysite.com/photo4_1.html watch some of the shows in their entirety on youtube

December 14, 2008 Women in Film: Director Ann Finnegan & Actress Maria Rockwell 

November 9, 2008   Dan Myrick and "The Objective" at TriBeCa

October 5, 2008    Gaia Film Fest: Director Craig Saavedra

July 13, 2008        LA Film Fest: Funny Women and Spiritual Comedian Vanda

May 26, 2008        Memorial Day: Malibu Film Festival and Michael Madsen

May 4, 2008          Beverly Hills Shorts Festival

Apr 6, 2008          Writer/Director Michael Engel

Feb 17, 2008        Actress Elaine Hendrix

Feb 13, 2008        Excuse Me Your Soul Mate is Waiting

Jan 20, 2008        Department of Peace

Jan 6, 2008          Challenge Alaska with filmmaker Steven C. Barber

Dec 23, 2007        The Flip with Jared Rosen and EMA Awards

Dec 2, 2007          Artivist Film Festival and many A-list Celebrities

Nov 11, 2007        Elevate 4, The Secret, Drew Heriot

Sep 30, 2007        The 11th Hour with Brian Gerber

Sep 23, 2007        Conversations with God with Stephen Simon and Neale Donald Walsch

Aug 12, 2007        7 Spiritual Laws of Success with Mallika Chopra

Jun 3, 2007          There's No Business Like Soul Business with Derek Rydall

Mar 4, 2007          Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin

Feb 4, 2007          Elevate 3 and Mikki Willis

Dec 20, 2006        RevoLOUtion with Actor Bret Carr

Nov 5, 2006          Spiritual Warriors with Jsu Garcia

Oct 22, 2006         Conversations with God w Eric DelaBarre

Aug 27, 2006        Peaceful Warrior with Director Victor Salva

Jul 16, 2006         Steven C. Barber

June 2006            The Akasha Holistic Health Center in Santa Monica

http://tamarahenry.actorsite.com/photo4_1.html to see more on the show 




KMPH FOX General Assignment Reporter, Health and Medical Producer and Anchor, One of the Top Five Fox affiliates in the Nation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lc1Qc7WtFbc

1:30 Packages

TAPE1: Dec99-Feb2000
George Washington
Kiss Mobile
Homeless Holiday
Surprise for Needy
Hot Toys
Hospital Y2K
Food Y2K
Gas Prices
Fantasia 2000 - Disney
Kids Recycling
No Snow
Shaver Lake
Y2K Computer
Pig Bowl
Shaver Lake
Sanger H2O
Sanger H2O part 2
Senior Scam
Chinese New Year
Red Light Cameras
Spa SERIES - Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5jCVAVGq08

Valentine`s Day
Gym Workout
Church Giveaway
Kids Mayoral
Sex Offender Notify

Tape2: Feb2000-March2000
Two Dog Net
Renaisance Festival
One Tank Trip - Spa
Mardi Gras Parade
Mardi Gras
Prop 22
Alcohol CD
Sequoia Protest
Adopt HWY
Exhibit Hall
Oscar Party
1. Sequoia Ag Water
2. Sequoia Timber
3. Sequoia Recreation
4. Sequoia Residents
5. Sequoia Hunt Graz
Little League
Tax Tips
Jet Crash
Civic City
Allergy Vacuum
Medical Collage
Joycelyn Elders
Rodeo Parade
Vietnam Vet
World Asthma Day
Snoring 4-part SERIES

Tape3: June2000-Oct2000
Snore Promo
VCH Health
Asthma Camp
Girl Scout Mentor
2. Hip & Knee Promo
3. Knee SERIES
1. Water Quality SERIES
2. Water Quality Promo
KMPH Promo
U High School
MDA Package
Honest Man
Mariposa Death
Fair Cost
Fire Burn
Racial Slur
"Titus" on FOX, 2-part HOLLYWOOD SERIES http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4r67Uywni8
Fair End
Child Porn
Top Ten Women
EDC Luncheon

Tape4: Oct2000-Jan2001
Cover Dana Exp
LIVE: Accident
Manners Silverware
Stolen Cars

Tape5: Jan2001-March2001
West Fresno Principals
Laser Eye
Anchor PKG: India Quake
LIVE: Deregulation Hearing
College Sequoia Electric Bill
Meet the Mayor
Standoff Residents
New Delano Prison
LIVE: Napster
Monterey Bay Aquarium SERIES http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehjPAd29rkw
Allergy House SERIES
Delaine Easton at Milano Elem
Fresno Art Museum Carnival
All Skate Classic
Nursing Shortage
Mardi Gras Aftermath
Home Show
Mardi Gras
LIVE: Mardi Gras Riots
Huntington Tree
LIVE: Sanger School Board Interview
Robbery Suspect
School Violence
Jail Success Program
Madera School Overcrowding
Sick Baby

In 2000, Tamara also co-hosted the MDA Telethon with KMPH Weatherman Kopi Sotiropolous. Kopi played Jack`s best friend`s uncle on "Three`s Company". Tamara and Kopi also co-hosted the "Visalia Motorsports Festival".




Co-Producer and Anchor, Segments aired weekly on the news@nine, KKYK TV Channel 22, the WB affiliate in Little Rock, Arkansas, at Equity Broadcasting, the ninth largest broadcasting company in the nation.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2bZJxU_3-Q

Dr. T. Glenn Pait`s "Good Health Report" 
UAMS Medical Center

2:30 Packages

1998 - 1999 

June 10 Sunburn 
June 11 Bee Stings 
June 17 Heatstroke 
June 18 
June 24 Swimmer`s Ear 
June 25 

July 1 Food Poisoning 
July 2 Food Safety 
July 8 Pain Relievers 
July 9 Heat Illness 
July 16 Osteoporosis 
July 15 Chiggers 
July 22 
July 23 Chiggers 

Aug 12 Vasectomy 
Aug 19 Good Sleep 
Aug 20 Computer Eye Strain 
Aug 26 Sleep Medications 
Aug 27 Poison Ivy 

Sept 2 Teen Stress 
Sept 3 Cold Sores 
Sept 10 Nose Bleeds 
Sept 17 Baby Dental Care 
Sept 24 Caffeine 

Oct 1 Constipation 

Jan 21 Acne 
Jan 28 Dry Skin 

Feb 4 Cold/Flu 
Feb 11 Bad Breath 
Feb 18 Helathy Bones 
Feb 25 Menopause 

Mar 4 Good Sperm Health 
Mar 19 Cavities 
Mar 26 

Apr 2 Ear Wax 
Apr 9 Lactose Intolerance 
Apr 16 Diarrhea 
Apr 23 Testicular Exams 
Apr 30 

May 7 STD`s 
May 6 Heartburn 
May 14 
May 13 Condoms 
May 21 Sunburns 
May 27 Allergy Medicines 
May 28 Nicotine 

June 4 Skin Cancer 
June 10 Sunburn 
June 11 Bee Stings 
June 17 Heatstroke 
June 18 
June 24 Swimmer`s Ear 
June 25 

July 1 Food Poisoning 
July 2 Food Safety 
July 8 Pain Relievers 
July 9 Heat Illness 
July 15 Chiggers 
July 16 Osteoporosis 
July 22 Dehydration 
July 23 Chiggers 
July 29 Ticks 

Aug 5 Overuse Syndrome 
Aug 6 Swimmers Ear 
Aug 12 Vasectomy 
Aug 13 Athlete`s Foot 
Aug 19 Good Sleep 
Aug 20 Computer Eye Strain 
Aug 26 Sleep Medications 
Aug 27 Poison Ivy 

Sept 2 Teen Stress 
Sept 3 Cold Sores 
Sept 10 Nose Bleeds 
Sept 17 Baby Dental Care 
Sept 24 Caffeine 

Oct 1 Constipation 

Segments aired weekly on Equity Broadcasting, the ninth largest broadcasting company in the nation.  

In 1997, Tamara aslo co-hosted the MDA Telethon with radio personality John Lee.




Watch Tamara's 4-minute producer pitch "bio" video:

(a video audition tape for the TVGuideChannel's "America's Next Producer")




Letter of Recommendation

I am writing this short message in support of Tamara Henrys application for a Fellowship to attend the upcoming California Health Journalism Conference in Los Angeles in March 2007.

As News Director for the City of Santa Monicas bi-weekly cable news program, Santa Monica Update, and our quarterly, Metro Motion, I have worked closely with Tamara for almost two years.

Tamara has consistently performed at an excellent, professional level. She has managed to produce effective journalism on a wide range of topics from alternate transportation and car pools to New Urbanism and Transit Villages, from No Smoking Campaigns in Santa Monica to Homelessness and Dual-Diagnosis, Sheltered Care.

In several live-to-tape, in-studio interviews recently, I had the luxury and good fortune to encourage Tamara to extend her scheduled five minute interviews to seven or eight minutes based on her perceptive questioning and the intriguing responses she elicited.

Tamaras commitment to Journalism and Health related issues pushed by her academic course of studies in Psychology places her on the cusp of moving ever more strongly into a field that seems to be calling for her full participation. I have no doubt that the immersion at this time in the California Health Journalism Conference would play a pivotal role in her professional development as a Health Care Journalist.

Best of luck to all,

John Helmore

CityTV of Santa Monica




(310) 458-8911

Celebrating a Decade in Television

It's 2014, and the TV show I anchor was nominated for a Los Angeles Area Emmy in 2012 and 2013. I've co-anchored Metro Motion since 2005. My movie Until They Are Home is on the 2012 Oscar List in two categories! I am celebrating 20-years in television in 2005. I started as an assistant producer at a CBS affiliate in Little Rock for the morning show in 1995. I received a KARK NBC Broadcast Journalism Award Scholarship and my Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 1996. I was hired as a weeknight anchor for a WB in 1997 where I also produced our Doctor's "Good Health Report." I moved up to one of the top five Fox affiliates in the nation at the turn of the century to work as the weekend news anchor, general assignment reporter and producer/anchor of the medical news segment "Health Matters". In 2005 I was hired to work as an anchor and reporter in Los Angeles where I am also the segment producer for Santa Monica Update on Channel 16. I am also the anchor and segment producer/reporter for "Metro Motion" www . metro . net In 2006, I assumed anchor duties at "Beverly Hills In Focus" which is now on hiatus. In 2006, I created my own monthly television talk show which I produce and host on Time Warner Cable. In 2006 I wrote and produced an Emmy related video segment that landed me as a "Red Hot on the Red Carpet" finalist on "Access Hollywood" NBC. And I wrote and co-produced a comedy skit that landed me on "Pitch to America" on Jay Leno's "The Tonight Show." I wrote my first standup comedy routine after co-hosting the LA Comedy Awards and in 2011 I launched Environmentally Incorrect. Most recently I played a 1960s Entertainment News Anchor for the Mad Men Season 6 DVD Special Features: 1960s Celebrity News.  www . TamaraHenry . com 

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